Australia Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa

Australia tops in the list of world’s some most popular immigration countries for plenty of reasons. When it comes to the skilled workers, the nation has become only one option for international skilled workers for getting quality of jobs, and emerging business options.

Having simple and fast immigration policy and visa requirements, Australia welcomes migrants from different parts of the world for filling the needs of workers, creating more employment opportunity, enhancing business and lots more. Economy development is however a leading objective of the country, witnessed a significant role performed by the migrants in making country and its economy prosper.

As far as visa options are concerned, people get plenty of choices to choose and apply to migrate to the land of kangaroos. The Australia Skilled Nominated Provisional (Subclass 489) visa is one among them.

Popularly recognized as a points-based visa, the Subclass 489 visa serves its main purpose of satisfying needs of those who are either nominated by state or territory or relatives living in Australia. In other words, the said visa is meant to be chosen to apply by those who are nominated by any of the above mentioned options.

Issuing with a maximum validity of up to 4 years, the Subclass 489 visa lets you live and work in the mentioned territories or states or regional areas of the country. The visa also includes a great option of adding some family members. However, the included members must not be included in earlier subclasses like 487, 495, 496, and 487.

The visa also grants the holders of subclasses 495, 475, 496 and 487 to make their stay in Australia for a maximum period of up to 48 months from the exact date of visa issuance.

Subclass 489 requirements

Candidates who are anxious to apply for the Australia Skilled Nominated Provisional (Subclass 489) Visa need to satisfy the following requirements;

  1. The applicant must be more than 50 years of age
  2. Submission of Expression of Interest
  3. Must be sponsored by the Australian states or relatives (Australian permanent residents)
  4. Must have an occupation, which also appears on the relevant skilled occupation list
  5. Must be having enough skills assessment for the selected occupation
  6. Must be fully proficient in English language
  7. Must have scored at least 60 points

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