Australian Qualification Framework and Available Courses

Structured and approved by the Australian government, the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) has its own relevance in Australia for being widely followed in the country.

The country is well known for having an integrated system of education that offers a full liberty to students for moving from one level to the next. At the same time, they are fully entitled to obtain the credit for their previous education.

Well known for bringing quality in the education system at various levels, the AQF made an Australian qualification system quite expeditious and also became a centre of attraction for international students.

Being home of nearly 41 worldwide popular universities ranging in size in terms of accommodating students, Australia earned a global popularity and tempts overseas students by offering various undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programs, run by such universities.

Moreover, an emerging IT sector got a special attention by such universities, introduced several innovative courses in information technology sector, apart from running other professional courses in electronics, science and others. Needless to describe the credibility of Australian universities as they are well known for running a wide range of innovative courses and earned international fame.

More and more, Australia academics are awarded with several Nobel prizes for their immense contributions and supports in improving education system and active involvement in great research works.

Courses run by Australian universities

Australian universities are much hyped for offering quality of courses with wide scopes and attract overseas students at a large extent. Here is an important list of popular courses run by Australian universities.

  • Australian Quality Framework diploma or Associate Diploma
  • Undergraduate Diploma or Advanced Diploma
  • Technical and Further Education Certification III and IV
  • Graduate Certification
  • Graduate Degree
  • Post Graduate Degree
  • Doctorate Degree

Apart from that, the Australian universities run courses in various streams that include Humanities, Hospitality and Tourism, Social Studies, Health Science, Mathematics and Computing, Agriculture, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Science, Visual Arts and more.

Moreover, the undergraduate program run by Australian universities are available in various streams including IT and science and vary from 3 to 4 years. In addition, Australian universities offer great choices for students seeking to obtain post graduate degree. Full-fledged with lots of modern equipments and amenities, the Australian universities give an extra weightage on research programs.

Vocational Courses available in Australia

Australia is also famous for offering a plethora of options in training courses and vocational education. Such courses gained a huge popularity among local as well international students, as an increasing number of international students for TAFE option clearly verify the above facts.

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