Australia Skilled – Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Permit (Subcategory 476): A Fleeting Look

The widely used and much popular Australia Skilled – Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Permit (Subcategory 476) is basically a temporary skilled graduate permit. It enables the fresh graduates of the chosen foreign universities to remain in the country for 18 months, or one and a half years, even while no limitations whatsoever is placed on either work or study or residence. Eligible graduates can get priceless employment experience in Down Under with this visa. The said permit is meant for those who have duly concluded an Engineering degree at a recognized foreign educational establishment during the previous 2 years. The holder can file a petition for permanent residence (PR) at any given time, in case he is in a position to fulfill the pass mark on the points test meant for the General Skilled Migration (GSM), and if he may lock a job.

As mentioned before, the validity of this visa is 18 months even as this duration may be duly made bigger, in case the permit holder may gain a job, and he files a petition for the Australian PR. Those, whose visa is about to lose its validity, would do well to submit a submission for the 885 Permit or Skilled Worker Permit.

Australia Skilled – Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Permit (Subclass 476) Eligibility

To make the cut, the aspirant has to fulfill a range of conditions involving education, expertise, age, English language skills, character, & health. He should have also concluded an engineering degree (or higher) inside 2 years of the application submission.

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