Canada Immigration: Some Important Question & Their Answers

Canada immigration inspired applicants often have certain queries, involving Canada immigration and its visa categories, even as they wish to know the answers, for obvious reasons. For such aspirants, some frequently asked questions are being covered here; of course, along with their answers.

What’s the highest validity period of a Bridging Open Work Visa?

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These permits are given with a validity period of 1 year. The applicants require keeping in mind that the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) gives a green signal to such petitions inside the time-frame of one year (inside 1 year validity period of the Bridging Work Visas for Canada). Those who come across a delay involving the issuance of a Permanent Resident Permit would do well to file a submission for extending their Canada Bridging Work Visas. It needs to be remembered that the CIC does not publicize the maximum time limit for the Canada Bridging Work Permits.

What’s a Multiple Entry Canada Visitor Visa, how to gain it?

Well, it’s a specific kind of permit, and meant for those who wish to visit the nation several times, but who also want to guard against the possibility of being subjected to the usual headaches of applying for a Canada Permit time and again. Those who wish to make a trip to the Maple Leaf Country for many times are the fit applicants for the said visa. Now to the answer: To gain the said permit, the candidate requires stating on the form meant for the Visit Visa submission that he is filing a petition for a Canada Multiple Entry Visitor Permit. He also requires offering the needed charges together with his Canada permit petition.

Can one shift to another Canadian province (other than the one chosen during the PR petition)?

Post landing in the Canadian province—suitably chosen by the person during his PR submission–he may shift to any province across the nation (once he obtains PR). However, he would do well to desist from having any agreement whatsoever that stops him from moving to any other province.

What to do when the passport of the person interested to do a job in Canada expires?

Well, such things are not unheard of; in fact, it over and over again happens. But no need to press the panic button! In such a scenario, the involved person should file a visa petition for extending his Canada Work Visa from inside the country, post he has gained the fresh passport carrying the longer validity (in a situation wherein his passport is likely to lose its validity, prior to he gains a year long Work Visa).

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