Australia SKillSelect Updates – Right To File Immigration Application

As per our suggestions and opinion if you have been contemplating an idea of moving south then this is the Right Time to File Immigration Application for Down Under. It is not exactly us, who are suggesting you something on basis of our perceived intentions, but it is the recent inputs which indicate at the competitive race that is currently ensuing for a place on the migration plane that flies into the Aussie shores.

As per the selection round concluded on December 02, 2013 for skilled Immigration

• For subsection 189 (federal independent permanent), over 800 people were advanced to the next stage of selection round. In the second round of the selection process, the applicants are required to supply the physical evidences of the information supplied in the EOI.
• For subsection 489 (temporary nomination route), over 35 profiles were picked up for the nominations

If analyzed closely, you would surely be able to observe that over 93% of the profiles selected for the next round of Australia Immigration SKillSelect had scores between 60 and 70. Out of this, over 59% of profiles shortlisted had score of 60. On other hand, only 6% of profiles picked up for the next round had scores of 70 and over.

The minimum threshold mark for selection of profiles for skilled Immigration subsection 189 and subsection 489 was pitched at 60. The lower threshold for some of the trade codes was pitched at different levels i.e. for 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers, 261111 – ICT Business and Systems Analysts, 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals minimum selection mark was pitched at 65 marks and for 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals minimum selection mark was put at 70 marks.

Although, the figures illustrated and indicated in analysis above, do not however truly indicate at the condition of profiles in individual trade code pools, the analysis does highlight one fact prominently. The race for Australian skills migration in federal format is still very open and it is the Right Time to File Your Australia Immigration Application.

If you have been wondering, how to start the process of migration, you should approach any of our offices in India of browse to any of our web portals and avail our expertise for Australia Immigration.

On the other front i.e. the provincial nomination for skilled migration schemes of Australia SkillSelect, the news are equally inspiring and encouraging. As per the latest available inputs, various provinces of Down Under have selected (till November, 30, 2013)

• Close to 900 people for subsection 190 permanent
• Over 200 profiles for subsection 489 temporary
• Close to 200 aspirants were selected for subsection 188 temporary business migration
• Over 10 applications have been selected for subsection 132 permanent business migration

As per Australia SKillSelect Updates – Right to File Immigration Application, is right now and here. You can approach us for assistance and support on Aussie migration request placement process.

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