Canada Family Category Sponsorship: A Passing Look

A citizen of Canada and/or the nation’s permanent resident has the authority to offer sponsorship to a family member, to enable the latter to gain admission into the nation lawfully. A sponsor ought to follow the procedure and fulfill every law to guarantee that his submission gets duly processed effortlessly, and more importantly, it does not get dismissed.

Family Members Who May Be Proffered Sponsorship

Parents, grandparents, kids, adopted kids, siblings, niece, nephew, & grandchild, below 18, are qualified under the class. One may also offer sponsorship to a common law partner, via the Family Sponsor Scheme.

Petition Class

In case one’s mate, kid or partner is expected to accompany the candidate to the Maple Leaf Country, he ought to opt for the “Application for Permanent Residence in Canada– Spouse or Common Law Partner” option. In case they reside outside Canada, the applicant should choose the “Application to Sponsor a Member of the Family Class” option.

Paying Processing Charges

Those making the payment online should be armed with a legitimate e-mail id, a printer, a PDF reader, besides a credit card. Those giving the fees, through a financial establishment in the nation, should not forget to gain an original receipt.

In case the candidate is not physically present on the nation’s soils, he would do well to give submission charges, via visiting the official site of the Citizenship of Immigration Canada(CIC) . One may also do the same through global money order and/or bank draft and/or any other such suitable method.

Form Submission

Post filling the petition properly, with no missing details, the applicant requires presenting it at the appropriate address given in the submission form.

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