At A Glance Australia Sub-class 457 Visa—Major Benefits, Requirements

The experience of working in a country like Australia the is always satisfying even if means working for a short period of time. Due to strong economy, high standard of living, and endless job opportunities, a large number of ambitious professionals aspire to move to Down Under.

It has been estimated that over one third of the total Australian population consists of immigrants and this clearly signifies that the nation is immigrant-friendly, and with certain restrictions, treat them equally at par with Australian citizens.

Being an English speaking nation, a large number of English speaking professionals move to the country as it is relatively easy to work with whose language you are very much with, and it will be all the more easy to understand its immigration process.

This takes us to the title!

Australia Sub-class 457 Visa

Those who aim at living and working in the country for a limited period should apply for Australia Sub Class 457 Visa. It is temporary in nature and is a sponsored visa, allowing Australian employers to sponsor foreign trained skilled workers in a nominated occupation.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the apex Australian immigration body, issues the Sub Class 457 Visa for a period of up to four years with multiple entries to and from Oz till the time your visa is valid.

Australia Sub-class 457 Visa–Benefits

The plus point of the category is that you may bring along your family, and even they are eligible to enjoy the similar status and rights until your visa stands valid. Another major advantage why the category is popular is that sponsored employees may continue to live and work in the country even after their sponsorship expires.

The condition: they must have worked in the country for the sponsored employer for at least two years and their sponsored employer must have agreed to offer them full time role in the nominated occupation. The visa holder may apply for any of the Australian permanent category while they are still in the country.

Australia Sub-class 457 Visa–Requirements

To be able to apply for the visa you must:

  1. Be sponsored by an Australian employer in order to fill the nominated vacant post.
  2. Have the required skills, education and experience in order to meet the requirements for the vacant post.
  3. Be eligible to apply for a license or register for the nominated post with the authorized authority.
  4. Successfully demonstrate that you are duly paid fixed wages that is decided upon when your visa is approved.

Besides, aspirants are required to submit their health and character certificate at the time of submitting the application. The applicant must hold a valid health insurance policy as well. So far, the category has proven to be successful and popular especially for those employers who wish to hire foreign trained skilled workers.

Due to its limitations and restrictions, the category every now and then is criticized by both Australian employers and prospective immigrants. The DIBP makes continues efforts to improve the working of the visa.

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