US B-2 Visitor Visa—Major Requirements

There is an urge among many individuals to explore something that is not common, and when you are in your own country, you might go to places but the quench for more is never satisfied. You are looking for more and to get more, you have to travel more.

The travelling pursuit could be both challenging and time consuming, but the reality is that it will definitely enrich your knowledge and understanding of the culture. If you are visiting places, you will get to know about the culture, way of life and many other things that would help you broaden your knowledge.

Well, the most important aspect of the Visitor Visa is the currency and prominence it gets. These visas are quickly processed and they are extremely a win-win situation for the economy. The best part is that the economy is always on the gaining side.

Now, you may question how, well, with the Visitor or Tourist Visa, you are not eligible for any job in the foreign country; rather, you will be spending whatever you have earned in your native land. So, every dollar or dime that you invest in the US takes the economy forward. So, you will witness that B-2 Visitor Visa has a greater say when it comes to acceptance and approval.

Against this backdrop, if you are planning to visit the US for a while, you can completely bank upon the B-2 Visitor Visa to streamline the movement. Under it, you will have to satisfy some requirements and once those are fulfilled; you can get the immigration in the pipeline very soon.

Now let’s dig a bit about the B-2 Visitor Visa to the US. It is basically meant for a myriad purpose from simple tourist visit to medical checkups. So, these visas are processed for unlimited numbers. There are no restrictions on its processing since the intent of the visit is not for economic gain. At the same time, the economy is also gaining no matter whether the immigrant is coming for medical purpose or for traveling and exploring the nation. The visa can also be used for social service.

Hence, you have a long list of options that you can reclaim under the visa for movement. At the same time, you will have to also understand the basic essentials that this visa demands and once you fulfill them, you will be rendered eligible to move without any problem.

B-2 Visitor Visa—Key Requirements

Some of the requirements that are sought by the B-2 Visitor Visa

  1. It is very important to clarify that the purpose with which you have visited the US is temporary or short lived; you can visit as a tourist or for seeking medical attention. It is vital to clarify that you will leave as soon as the purpose gets fulfilled.
  2. Generally, on a maximum term, you can live for 3 months with this visa. Hence, you must have to explain the intent and the purpose that has compelled you to move to the overseas hotspot.
  3. You must declare to the authorities that with B-2 Visitor Visa, you have enough funds to sustain yourself in the country.
  4. It is also imperative to clarify with stating the address of your home outside the US. Basically, the purpose is to ensure that the immigrant is not an asylum seeker and would stay back with the visa.

The application process of this visa is simple and you will have to visit the consulate to file for the papers. Now, most of the immigrants are amateur and they are not aware that waiver is also possible in this visa category. So, make sure that you e fact check and come to a conclusion that your country is not in an agreement with the US, because if they are then you don’t need to file for any papers to streamline the movement.

Hence, keep a close tab on that and for any further queries pertaining to the immigration, it is much more feasible to consult an immigration attorney.

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