Australia – The Number One Immigration Destination

Australia – arguably the Number One immigration destination is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. The country is the sixth biggest nation in the world, in terms of geographical area. It is very developed and finds a place amongst the wealthiest countries of the world.

Also known as Oz, Australia is a multi-cultural democratic country. Recently, its immigration process has been simplified and made faster making it the hottest immigration destination in the world. The country is often referred as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. It has the fifth highest per capita income, comprises of six states and seven territories.

The country is also a key member of many international organizations, such as World Trade Organization (WTO), ANZUS, United Nations (UN), Commonwealth of Nations, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, G20, and the Pacific Islands Forum making it a magnet for a large number of would-be migrants.

The land of beaches offers high quality of life, better health facilities, better education, high economic growth and political rights–all together making it a hot immigration destination for the migrants. Globalization has played an important role in making Australia- The number one immigration destination. The country has opened its avenues to youngsters to explore the nation. Due to better professional and personal growth, Oz has been a first choice for migrants.

The developing economy has opened multiple options for youngsters with better processional growth and handsome wages because the country has successfully offers best facilities in various sectors, like education, health, residence and work making the destination topmost place. Above all, the country, as mentioned before, is multi-cultural and people are friendly, hospitable and cosmopolitan in nature.

Benefits of migrating to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’

  • Independent businessmen can establish their own enterprise and gain benefits as par the national norms
  • The concerned national immigration department provides equal opportunity to skilled professionals to work and settle within the country.
  • The immigration body has made non complex immigration policies for skilled professionals.
  • The nation opposes any kind discrimination on the basis of gender
  • It provides best possible accommodation and has best transport facilities in world
  • The nation is politically stable
  • It provides equal working rights to the spouses of skilled sponsored professional–either with temporary or permanent entry visas.
  • Better health services, prescribed drugs are cheap and available free of cost at public hospitals

Significantly, people–who wish to migrate to the destination–are assessed purely on the basis of points based system even while points are given for educational qualification, professional work experience, and language proficiency, along with financial capability, though immigration to Oz is also possible through Family Migration and Humanitarian Schemes.

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