Greeting More Fresh Canadians

Registering an impressive increase of nearly 100%, over 19,200 persons–from across 193 nations–gained the cherished citizenship of Canada at the many citizenship ceremonies organized throughout the nation, during February, 2014. During the same time-frame in February 2013, just about 9,980 persons were offered citizenship across the nation. Reportedly, at as many as 220 citizenship events organized throughout the nation–from Citizenship and Immigration bureaus to school fitness centers, to hotel conference rooms and city halls—the Maple Leaf Country rolled-out red-carpet welcome to the newest citizens.

It is claimed that the given high figures reveal that the structure is becoming more well-organized even as the build-up of citizenship petitions is heading north, assisting more persons realize their aspirations of gaining citizenship more rapidly. It is also claimed that the administration’s proposed improvements in the Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, will also decrease the wait periods, via restructuring the decision-making procedure for citizenship.

It is also predicted that the said modifications will bring the average processing period, meant for the citizenship submissions, down to below 12 months, and that the present build-up will be cut-down by over 80% by 2015-2016.

Some Important Facts

  1. With an average of 10,745 per month, during 2013, as many as 128,936 individuals were proffered citizenship.
  2. Hitherto, in 2014, Ottawa has greeted over 41,000 fresh citizens at 462 events across the nation.
  3. Since 2006, the Maple Leaf Country has witnessed the highest sustained levels of immigration in the national history—an average of 257,000 newcomers per annum. Therefore, the requirement for citizenship has headed north by 30%.
  4. With an astonishing 85% of qualified permanent residents gaining citizenship, Canada boasts of the most impressive rate of naturalization across the globe. Showing the highest volume ever, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) obtained 333,860 citizenship submissions the last year.
  5. For a fresh national, the citizenship observance marks his official admission into the national family.

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