Australia to Deport Cambodia-born Man!

A detainee who has been in Australia for the past twenty-seven years is going to be deported to his native land Cambodia. When the Australian authorities were trying to deport him for almost four years, finally the man in question has voluntarily agreed to go back to Cambodia.

The case came to light at the federal Parliament last Wednesday, when the Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman reported the same. Accused with a number of crimes, such as robbery and supplying drugs, thereby developing a strong criminal background, the man has been in immigration detention at Villawood, Sydney. While authorities tried to send him back to Cambodia, he then refused to return. But, now the unidentified man is willing to go back to this country.

The man was raised and educated in the Oz land. He arrived the land when he was only nine-year old. After living almost twenty-seven years in Australia, he has become a part of the Australian community. However, the immigration authorities termed him as a non-citizen in Australia.

The removal of the man from Australia is on the priority list for the immigration department, confirmed the Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Evans. The minister also confirmed that as per an individual’s deportation procedure, the man will be provided with a post-removal package to support and assist him.

This is one of the many cases included in the Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s report. Most of these accused have been in detention for several years, where many of them are detained at Villawood.

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