Application Process For Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

Every immigration program follows distinctive procedure. Thus, when one is looking forward to immigrate to a new country, it is very important for that person to have the proper understanding of the application process for the particular program that he/she has opted for. It fact, the secret of successful immigration lies in the proper understanding of the application process and little homework beforehand.

Let’s have a look at the application procedure for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program:

  • Before an applicant is set to work on the application process, he/she must confirm that the Federal Skilled Worker category is appropriate for him. It follows choosing the right application form.
  • The applicant is required to get his/her qualifications, occupation, experience, and other required documents assessed by the authorized body.
  • When filling up the form(s), the applicant must make sure that he/she has put in all the details carefully and it is complete. Incomplete forms are most likely to be rejected.
  • The fee for the processing of the application for the applicant as well as dependents should be submitted along with the forms.
  • Once the applicant is done with these steps, the application will go to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. Here, things undergo scrutiny and the CIO will decide whether the application meets the prerequisites for the Federal Skilled Worker program. If they find the application fulfills the criteria, they would forward it to the designated country visa office, otherwise if they end up with a negative decision, the application is most likely to be returned back.
  • This follows the submission of the application along with all the essential documents at the local visa office.
  • The applicant must provide the IELTS test score report earned for the language proficiency at the visa office.
  • The applicant must bear his/her expenses related to medical and security clearances.
  • Once the applicant is approved to immigrate to Canada, he/she must pay for the Right to Permanent Resident fee. However, the fee, which covers both the applicant and his/her spouse or law partner, should be paid before the applicant is issued with the PR visa. Afterwards, if the applicant decides not to use this visa, the fee would be refunded.
  • Last but not the least, the applicant must submit his/her passport to be stamped on the visa.

The process of making application is one of the most important parts of the whole immigration process. This is the phase where you should be presented yourself watchfully in order to make your immigration successful. While, you may find it critical at times, hiring an Immigration and Visa consultant would be the smartest move you could make!

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