Rules for Conference Visa and Tourist Visa may Ease Out!

Reports say that the Indian government is planning to make amendments in the guidelines on Conference and Tourist Visa. Union Home Secretary G K Pillai has confirmed that the Home Ministry has received a lot of complaints against the present regulations. Therefore, the Centre is working on easing out the guidelines to make it easier for the overseas academicians to visit the country.

The criticism is against all those guidelines that specify that overseas participants from 8 countries need to go through the security clearance from the Ministry in order to get the Visa.

Pillai confirmed that the Ministry, in consultation with other agencies, is reworking on these guidelines and making it simpler for the foreign nations to come and visit the country. In addition, he committed that Government do make rules which may be not correct and it is a democratic society and we have the right to correct our mistakes too.

He went on to say that the ministry is deeply concerned for overseas nationals who come for a conference in the country. Therefore, it is mandatory to know their backgrounds and other essential details. The essence behind the regulations is to ensure the country’s security.

Pillai also mentioned that scholars having genuine backgrounds would no difficulties, especially if they are qualified from registered Universities.

Former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal confirmed that it is essential to check the credentials of overseas applicants.

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