Australia Visa & Immigration: A Passing Look

Since too long, a large number of enterprising and ambitious persons from practically across the globe have been growingly leaving the comfort of their home countries to shift to certain overseas destinations, for a better and improved life, not to mention earn more money, and get better jobs.

However–from the point of immigration–frankly, there are not many world destinations, which inspire the migrants, like Australia. Also known as the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’–for its all-round prosperity and unmatched success across the many domains–this HUGE ‘geographical wonder’ is certainly a rather well-accepted and preferred overseas destination for immigration purposes.

Its economy is something to town with, unemployment pretty low, even as Canberra enthusiastically boosts immigration through its easy-to-follow immigration and visa policies, and a large number of attractive and highly useful visa categories for almost all kinds of visitors.

The Australian permit choices include, Skilled Visa (Sub Class 189, Sub Class 190) Working Holiday Visa, Travel Visa, Business Visa (Sub Class 188, 888), Family Visa, Partner Visa, Permanent Visa, etc.

Australia Visa Basic Requirements

Majority of the immigration categories are point based even as these necessitates–on the part of the aspirants–to score test points for age, employment experience, education, and proficiency in English language.

Age: The aspirants ought to be 50 years or below at the time of the filing of the visa petition.

English language: He ought to have a good working knowledge of the English language, for the object of getting engaged with work activities in the nation.

Qualifications: He should possess post-secondary qualifications even while his skills ought to be fittingly evaluated by the concerned reviewing power as deemed appropriate for his chosen line of work.

Nominated profession: At the time of the filing of the visa-submission, the aspirant is required to designate a trained vocation, which properly fits his specific skills and qualifications. It is essential that his chosen profession finds mention on the Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL).

Fresh work experience: It is also crucial that the applicant has been involved with work activities for 12 out of the past 24 months in his designated career.

Australian qualification exemption: Remarkably, The candidate does not require catering to the prerequisite of employment experience, in case he has accordingly concluded an Australian qualification, less than six months before presenting his permit submission.

Skills appraisal: Prior to filing a visa-petition, the aspirant ought to have his skills duly evaluated by the involved Australian examining body designated to appraise his chosen profession.

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