Do You Want To Know About UK Tier 1 System?

Britain–as it’s quite well known–is one of the most preferred immigration destinations across the world even as a significant volume of the world migrants prefer to shift to the country for residence and work purposes, among others. The UK immigration comprises of a five-tier points based arrangement which scores aspirants on a number of factors to accordingly evaluate their eligibility, or otherwise, to get a UK Work or Study Permit, whatever the case may be.

UK Tier 1 (Post-study Work) System

The Tier 1 Permits–proffered through the Tier 1 Scheme–are accordingly tailored to draw, what is claimed to be the brightest & best aspirants to the nation’s shores. The Tier 1 of the Points Based arrangement straightforwardly replaces the earlier Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP UK), its precursor, even while the same is molded to make possible the transfer of trained immigrants to Britain.

Further–unlike the Tier 2 Permits–which also cover those shifting to the nation for long-term business or job objects, the Tier 1 Permits don’t at all need an offer of job. Consequently, the conditions or the prerequisites of the appraisal for the Tier 1 are rather consistent with choosing the best trained aspirants.

It needs to be duly mentioned here that come April 6, 2012, and the Tier 1 Scheme will be shut down for all fresh candidates. However, the dependants may still file a petition, to join the aspirants who have received prior admission permission for the Tier 1. The given news is relevant for the aspirant and his dependents only in a situation wherein the former is present inside Britain’s territorial jurisdictions under the Tier 1 Arrangement.

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