Wish To Apply For Business Immigration To Canada Under Investor Immigrant Program?

Are you inspired with Canada business immigration, and wish to make the most of the Canadian Investor Immigrant Program (IIP)? If YES, then you ought to know that the concerned department the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) brought the said arraignment into existence to fuel the national economy, and create more employment opportunities across the country, by way of drawing individuals having funds, business expertise, and/or concrete supervisory/administrative skills to the nation.

There are basically two types of the Canadian Immigrant Investor Programs—the first duly administered by the concerned federal administration, and the second by the provincial administration of Quebec. The conditions for eligibility and the procedure are straightforward and since the IIP is fully structured, & assured by the administration the applicant’s investment is completely secure & safe also. Further, the government will fully pay back the needed investment at maturity. Via the given arrangement, the aspirant and his family will also get an unconditional Canadian Permit, together with landed immigrant privilege straight away.

Who may file petition?

  1. Those who have global net resources worth not less than $1.6 million (CAD). The applicant should convince an immigration official that the fair market worth of his and his partner’s resources was received in a lawful manner. Further, his assets should surpass the fair market value of his liabilities & his mate/partner’s liabilities by not les than $1,600,000.
  2. Those who possess managerial/executive experience ought to have done either of these: (A.) Exercised control over a qualifying business & controlled a fraction of equity of the firm/enterprise for not les than two years in the time-frame starting five years, prior to the date of the submission of the petition. (B) Controlled the equivalent of not less than five permanent workers per annum in a firm/enterprise for not less than two years in the time-frame starting five years, prior to the date of petition of a blend of one year of experience in the first point, and one year of experience as suitably mentioned in the second given point.
  3. Those who pledge to come-up with a 100% assured passive investment of $800,000 (CAD), for a five-year (5-year) term (or considerably decrease their payment through a financial institution). In case the aspirant wants to make just a portion of the said payment, he could do the same, via employing the services of a financial organization.

While we are on the subject, it could be pertinent to mention here that beginning July 1, 2012; Immigration Canada has put a halt to admitting fresh petitions for the Federal Investor Program, for the time being. The same applies to IIP for Quebec as well. The programs are expected to reopen with revised qualifying criteria in April – July, 2013. Keep visiting this website on latest updates on the immigrant investor program to Canada.

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