Learn how to file for Australian immigration from India!

There is literally no dearth of people eyeing Australian immigration from India, like elsewhere, even as Australia immigration arrangement has several attractive opportunities for the individuals having different backgrounds, ages, credentials, and requirements.

The point system is a rather useful way to get an immigration permit for Down Under. Through this scheme, points are given for job- experience, qualifications, and language skills. The aspirants may get an immigration permit via the Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs also.

Individuals who possess expertise in a specific vocation–more so a line of work mentioned on the nation’s Skilled Occupation List–and who are more than 18 but below 45, and equipped with reasonably satisfactory command on the English language, and also have acquired qualified employment experience recently, may get an immigration permit using the country’s General Skilled Migration (GSM) Scheme.

How to file for Australian immigration from India

Many applicants wish to know how file a petition for migration to the nation from India? Well, it is quite easy. They may do the same through the VFS Global Service Private Ltd. The Australian immigration department has a deal with them to offer services for lodgment for Australian permits in both India & Nepal. The VFS admits submissions for Australian permits. The aspirants may submit their submissions in person, via the VFS at 10 locations across these two nations. A VFS charge will have to be paid for every petition filed via a VFS petition bureau.

The Indian applicants may also submit their submissions directly at the Australian High Commission in India. To file in person, at the said Commission, the aspirants will require making an appointment. But, they may file their petitions at a VFS Application Bureau–minus an appointment–to get an appointment with the said Commission.

Getting help from Australia immigration consultants

The applicants may also take qualified guidance and help from expert immigration advisors for the given purpose. These professional would not only offer the needed advice and guidance on the issue and inform the aspirants about the best permit which may suit their specific needs, but also tell them how to file for Australian immigration from India.

Many would even help the applicants properly fill the forms, prior to submitting the same with the immigration department on their behalf. The applicants would do well to employ the services of an immigration & visa expert, who is duly registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Down Under, and also ensure that he (the agent) fulfills the registration requirements in India.

While we are on the issue, it would be important to mention here that presently qualified doctors and nurses are in great demand across Australia, for temporary and permanent job-openings. Qualified doctors–keen in getting the Australian permanent residency–ought to hold complete medical registration.

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