Australia Visa Subclass 457

Being the most appropriate overseas destination for skilled workers for having a window of job opportunity, Australia often prompts the overseas skilled workers to come and find their dream jobs by offering several visa programs. The Subclass 457 visa is one among them, designed especially for those who are anxious to be employed in the country.

Designed as a four-year temporary work option, the Australia Visa Subclass 457 lets local and overseas employers to hire skilled workers from across the world to work in the country.  The Australian government, however, recently (July 1, 2012) introduced a proposal that will make possible of transition from the subclass 457 to permanent residency.

Those of non-resident workers on the Australia Visa subclass 457 will also come under the recent provision. In other words, they will be entitled to transition to permanent residency, only if they got a full-time job by the employer in their nominated occupation. Besides, the visa holders also have two years with the same employer who has sponsored them.

The subclass 457 thus became a great pathway of getting work opportunity in Australia and migration. To obtain the visa, the applicants have to go through three stages, which have been listed below.

Approval of Sponsorship, first and foremost, the employers need to obtain a business sponsorship right by submitting the adequate proofs of business establishment, structure and financial condition. The company training activity must also satisfy the benchmark of the Department of Immigration. Once fulfilling such criteria, the employers get a sponsorship right for 3 years. However, it doesn’t include any set of number of workers (employees).

Nomination, following the second stage, the employers has to obtain an approval for the same position that is to be filled. It must be noted that the nominated occupation must be from the list of approved Australian occupation. The requirements must be based on salary and occupation market level.

Requirements of Visa Application, this is the third stage where employee has to file an application for the subclass 457 visa. The employee must meet the several requirements like qualification and work experience for the position, which they are applying for. Besides, language proficiency is other necessary requirement that needs to be satisfied by the employee. You are free to file your visa application either at the same time of sponsorship and nomination or after that.

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