Authorized Representative In Canada Immigration

You want to go to Canada and you want to hire an immigration consultant or lawyer to represent you. You are in a bit of confusion then let me introduce you to some facts which might help you to make your decision.

On a serious note simply taking advice from just anyone is not a good idea. Anyone with little information or knowledge about Canadian immigration cannot represent you. Then who can be your representative in Canadian immigration?

Answer is:-

Certified immigration lawyers and consultants, Quebec legal officials, and paralegals structured by a law community are people who can provide immigration advice to you. Some of you may select to use such a person to act on your behalf with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

There are two kinds of immigration representatives paid and unpaid.

Paid immigration representatives are those who can charge a fee to help you with the process of Canadian immigration process. Lawyers, paralegals and immigration consultants who are member of Immigration experts of Canada regulatory council can charge fee for their assistance or guidance. Any unauthorized person cannot charge fee for the immigration assistance.

What is the role of authorized representativein Canada immigration? These people are authorized for something; the certification can’t be for the name sake.

They are qualified enough to guide you through the whole process of visa approval and immigration to the country. They are well acquainted with rules and regulations for all the visa categories. They have the experience in this field and are capable enough to guide you through the process.

They can do it all from telling you what is good for you to what you must not do. They will help you fill the forms; pay the fees, clear the tests, etc. Some of them also offer after boarding assistance to their clients. So in a way they help you to move to Canada.

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