Australia Wants Trained Cardiologists 253312

Cardiologists 253312

Do you dream of migrating to the wonderful destination of Australia? If the answer is YES, you will be perhaps pleased to learn about the various immigration policies of the country to welcome skilled people, including Cardiologists, from all parts of the world, to live and work in the land down under and even apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

Cardiologists 253312
Cardiologists 253312

With the Cardiologist listed in the annually released Skilled Occupation List (SOL) under the ANZSCO Code 2553312, your dream can come true, and you can easily move to the overseas hotspot under the ‘SkillSelect’ Programme, often referred to as the General Skilled Migration Programme, if, of course, you are a skilled Cardiologist.

Level of Skill

The professions in this unit group have a level of skill that matches Bachelor Degree or advanced qualification, 2 years training in hospital, and not less than 5 years specialist study and training (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). For such professionals, licensing or registration is also required. Medical Board of Australia is the skill assessing authority for you.

Major Tasks

If you are wondering, as a Cardiologist working and living in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, you will primarily be responsible for completing the following tasks as your job or work responsibilities –

  1. Investigating, Diagnosing and Treating Heart Conditions and Diseases.
  2. Prescribing, Administering and Managing Therapeutic Drugs and Procedures.
  3. Examining the patients of the country and their extent of heart-related problems and conditions, to aid recovery or relief.
  4. Recording and Reporting medical information and data.
  5. Working in liaison with other medical specialists and hospital staff members for the overall benefit of the healthcare industry.
  6. Reporting the potentially contagious and hazardous medical diseases to the healthcare authority of the country.

Apart from fulfilling these job responsibilities, to work as a Cardiologist 2533212, you would also be required a license or registration in addition to your formal qualification of a Cardiologist. Oz enjoys a healthy economy and a progressive society with excellent opportunities to work and live anywhere in the country with a skilled migration. The annual ‘Skilled Occupation List’ offers the right opportunity for skilled immigrants to realize their dream of settling down in the nation without going through any extra procedures or legal hassles at all!

The basic requirements are fairly simple and straightforward. Every applicant must be between age 18 and 49 years with a minimum proficiency in English language through an IELTS/TOEFL score. The best part: apart from getting the golden chance to live your Australian dream is the lucrative pay packages, as a Cardiologist typically takes home an average salary of $190,000 per year.

Thus, with proper planning, the right visa category, minimum experience and eligibility, you can easily fill in for the lack of skilled professionals in the country and avail the real benefits of an opportunity of a lifetime!

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