Australian Businesses want Immigration Numbers Constant

There have been protests against the recent approach that the Australians do not have positive views regarding immigration.

Adding to the above, various business communities have raised their opinion opposing the survey which states that almost two-thirds of the Australians were against the increase in their nation’s population. By 2050, the country’s population is expected to increase to thirty six million from the current twenty two million.

According to the chief of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peter Anderson, the survey should not be considered by the government as of now. Instead, their main agenda should be economic recovery. This group feels that if there is a cut on the number of work visas being granted, it might affect the current workforce and hence lead to shortage of skills. As the economy is coming out of recession, with recovery on the economic front for the 2010 -11, there would be an increased need for skilled migrants.

The current Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is being supported by these business groups who expect more skilled migrants in the near future. With this, Rudd has already stated his fondness for a Big Australia.

Additionally, it is being predicted that the population of the country is going to rise from the current twenty million to thirty six million by 2050. The population of the world is expected to increase by another thirty eight percent during this period. This means that the population would reach 9.4 billion from the current 6.8 billion. This implies that Australia would be the fastest growing industrialized nation in the world.

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