Qatar Curbs Visas for U.S., UK citizens

Qatar has made its point to curb providing visas on arrival to people from various nations including Britain and the U.S. The process will commence from May 1 onwards.

Before the arrival of these changes, UK and U.S. were amongst those countries whose passport holders were granted entry visas at the time of legal entry into the premises. But according to official sources, US nationals would no longer be able to opt for tourist visas, confirmed the U.S. embassy in Doha. Therefore, it is advised to consult an immigration expert before traveling to Qatar, especially before April 30.

A similar confirmation came from British embassy that in accordance with the new amendments, it is mandatory for the UK visitors to apply for a visa, either in their country of origin, or from wherever they live, before traveling to Qatar

In addition, nationals from countries like France, Germany and Italy will also have to apply for visas before traveling to Qatar. Other countries include Canada, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, to name a few. But Malaysian embassy confirmed that they have not received any official information on the same. Nothing has been concluded as to why these changes have been implemented.

In addition, applicants from UK intending to apply for a Qatari visa are required to show their financial conditions by showing last three bank statements, showing their identity proofs. In addition, it becomes compulsory fro them to show the presence of a minimum of $1,300 in account.

With these amendments coming into action, prospective immigrants, especially from the concerned countries are advised to take assistance from an Immigration consultant for further guidance.

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