Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Releases State Nomination Lists!

Canberra state migration occupation list!

Make Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory your home! Here is a state that has an unemployment rate of hardly 3% which is the lowest in Australia. It has a lifestyle of big cities at affordable living costs. The state offers the highest average income among all Australian states. Thus, you earn more, spend less and save more. Being the national capital, excellent quality of life can be taken for granted.

Canberra has world class educational facilities, dependable Medicare, clear and healthy environment, small commuting distances and safety. It is a world class events city with great lifestyle amenities.

If you’re considering a move to Canberra, from interstate or overseas, ABHINAV can help you with advice on Immigration and settlement.

One can migrate to Australia among other options – General Migrant and State Nomination routes. ACT has come out with State Nomination List which can be considered as liberal and welcoming to most occupations. However, just like all good things in life, the number of immigrants to be welcomed is very small in number. The visas issued are on first come first serve basis. So send your resume to [email protected] right away!

The below mentioned occupations are among those where in the professionals are offered a unique opportunity under ACT. At the same time, these occupations might not qualify for immigration to other destinations.

  1. Almost all Engineering streams – Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transport Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Production Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Telecommunications Engineers, Telecommunications Network Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  2. Almost all Information Technology  professionals including ICT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmer, Developer Programmer, Software Engineer, Software and Applications Programmers, Database Administrator, ICT Security Specialist, Systems Administrator, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, Network Analyst.
  3. Marketing and Advertising Professionals including Advertising Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Public Relations Professionals
  4. Business and Organisational Analysts including Management Consultant, Organization and Methods Analyst, Information and Organisational professionals
  5. Financial Institution Branch Manager such as Bank Branch Manager and Insurance Company Branch Head
  6. Human Resource Professionals such as Human Resource Adviser, Recruitment Consultant, Workplace Relations Adviser, Training and Development Professionals
  7. Librarian
  8. Designers and Illustrators such as Fashion Designer, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer  and Illustrator
  9. Interior Designer
  10. Office Manager
  11. Make-up Artist
  12. Technical Sales Representatives such as professionals involved in Sales and Marketing of computer products.

Above is just an indicative list. To review the complete list, click here

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Kindly send the following information to [email protected] for free of charge assessment by none other than Ajay Sharma, our Principal Consultant.

  • Your updated resume
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age
  • If applicable, information on any blood relatives residing in Australia. In which state are they living in? Please note that this is not a compulsory requirement unless you are making an application under relative sponsored category.

It has to be noted that ACT has a limited state quota for skilled migrants. So apply and be the first one in the queue.

Best of Luck! Also check the post on: ACT state nomination program to Immigrate to Australia is a good alternate for NOC 1122!

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