Canada short of agricultural scientists!

What agriculture has done to mankind is provide it with food security. Feeding billions of people worldwide is not a joke. The agricultural scientists have worked on providing better yielding varieties take for instance currently much debated GMO’s. The agricultural scientists engage at understanding current practices of agriculture i.e. the growth, harvesting and marketing of plant & animal products.

If today we have better cereals, grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and meat products it’s the work of our agricultural scientists. Agricultural scientists work in fields like

  • Food science
  • Horticulture/plant science
  • Animal science
  • Soil science

Canada invites agricultural scientists to its workforce

Canada is one of the leading producer as well as exporter of agricultural products. The nation has a large potion of its economy coming from agriculture. Canada is currently facing a shortage of biologists particularly,

  • Agricultural scientists
  • Agro geologist
  • Agriculture research officers
  • Technicians

Canada has placed these occupations under the priority list, ensuring faster visa processing to all those who apply. You do not even require an employment letter from any Canada employer before applying.

Prospects for agriculture scientists is just too bright

As an agricultural scientist can work with

  • Federal organizations
  • NGO’s
  • Agro based industries
  • Research projects
  • Teaching
  • Private consultants to firms or government bodies

An agricultural scientist clearly earns around CDN$35,000-66,000 annually in Canada. Toronto, Ontario as per the survey is one of the best provinces for agro sciences.

The minimum qualifications of an agricultural scientist

You must have a bachelor’s degree preferably in agricultural sciences. A masters or PhD will increase your options.

Your qualifications have to be approved by a Canadian regulatory body.

Life is healthier and safer with our increasing food standards; agricultural scientists have redefined our conventional mindset on farming. You wonder if anything is possible…may be it is…
And if you wonder is immigrating to Canada is possible…don’t wonder, with Abhinav, yes it is…

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