Australia modifies subcategory 457 Permit Scheme

As per new arrangements, every visa submission for the Australian subcategory 457 scheme will have to be duly filed by electronic means, employing the online tool proffered by the concerned immigration department. It impacts those firms situated outside the nation’s shores which wish to offer sponsorship to the employees through this plan. Remarkably, it also signifies the ending of paper permit petition lodgments.

Key changes

  • The figure of positions likely to be filled by the sponsored manpower ought to have nomination from the companies keen to submit petitions for what is known as Business Sponsorship Approval.
  • Business sponsors, wishing to renew the approval, ought to establish that they will carry-on catering to the essential training standards throughout the existing sanction term.
  • Augmentation in the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) to make the same $53,900.But, for the same the sponsors should establish that the vacancy to be filled needs a base salary which is more, in relation to the said amount.
  • A swell in the market salary exemption would take place taking the amount to $250,000 from the previous $180,000. However, there are no requirements whatsoever from the sponsors to prove that they are proffering the market rate for the vacancies with $250,000 or more every year.
  • Down Under will have tougher English language in sync with English language thresholds for permanent employed sponsored permits.
  • In case of sponsored manpower by startup groups, 12 years will be the maximum permit terms, vis-à-vis the previous visa term of 4 years.

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