Canberra Becomes Strict Against Unlawful Refuge Seekers

In a somewhat important development, an Australian diplomat has reportedly claimed that the government of Australia has made effective a stricter immigration plan to stop additional asylum seekers from gaining entry into the nation, in an unlawful manner. He added that Canberra has brought-in a series of offshore processing steps to allegedly put-off unauthorized human trafficking to the country.

The ambassador further said that Down Under is also keen to join hands with its neighbors with a view to boost regional capacities & national security for battling the smuggling of people, besides other international offenses. He continued that the nation’s latest Regional Settlement Arrangement formally came into force on July 31; post the 1st bunch of refuge seekers, comprising 40 individuals, was moved to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea all the way from Christmas Island.

He added that at the present Immigration Australia has verified the successful relocation to Papua New Guinea of the 2nd grouping, consisting 39 refuge seekers, through the fresh regional settlement arrangement. The ambassador further said that the said transfers will leave an unambiguous message that turning-up on the country’s soils, via water vessels, is anything but the right method to pocket the prized Australian residency.

Via the latest agreement, the refuge seekers–landing on the nation’s shores, minus the needed permission–will be shifted to Papua New Guinea for appraisal even while, in case they are found to be expatriates, they will be re-inhabited therein. Allegedly, the latest strategy is targeted at putting-off individuals from coughing-up hefty amounts to the human traffickers for purchasing a ticket to the Kangaroo Land.

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