Australian Immigration Minister Peddles ‘Rapid Increase’ in Refuge Seeker Transfers

The in-office Australian immigration minister has reportedly declared that 100s of refuge seekers–who had landed in the country, via water vessels since the federal election–have been rapidly moved to offshore processing centers. Over the last 2 weeks, 523 persons have allegedly turned-up, via vessels to claim refuge in the Kangaroo Land. Scott Morrison, the minister, added that close to 50% of those have already departed from the nation for processing on either of the two, namely, Nauru or Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

It is uncertain how the Coalition administration has moved to increase the speed of processing fresh asylum seekers – a procedure which earlier involved both medical & security checks, and typically took many weeks. Morrison also said that the earlier administration had failed to fund its offshore processing operations on the Manus Island further than this year.

He further said that it’s not administration job to manage a shipping news service for the people smugglers even as it’s the nation’s job to deal with the subject of people landing in the country. Morrison continued that the government will put on air the same on an appropriate, standard basis, and in a systematic manner.

The minister added that the government will also verify the number of persons, and expectantly those figures will decrease, and the government will substantiate the same. And hence there’ll be no issues whatsoever related to the alleged absence of transparency. The world will learn about the number of vessels which arrived. It will also learn about the number of persons on the said boats.

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