Future Bright for IT Employees in Canada

At the present, the Information Technology (IT) sector of Canada is developing like any and every thing. For the past couple of years, Ottawa has allegedly taken several measures to draw the globe’s best IT firms and the most promising experts to the nation’s shores. Some IT workers, including computer engineers, could be qualified to file a petition for Canada Permanent Residency (PR), minus an offer of job, via these programs, namely, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), and/or Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW).

Several IT employees may also arrive on the Canadian soils as temporary overseas employees, in case they get an employment offer and work visa. Once in the Maple Leaf Country, the IT workers may take pleasure in high-paying jobs, besides a very high quality of life.

Canada IT Industry

Nowadays, IT is one of the most successful industries in the country even as with 100% employment, the experts from the domain seem to be at an advantage, and blessed with a rather high chance of discovering & maintaining jobs. These experts are also paid quite nicely for their skills. Allegedly, they are paid an average salary which is as much as 52% more, vis-à-vis the national standards.

Depending on their specific employment-experience & proficiency, the average computer engineer in the nation takes home anywhere between $70,000 and $100,000-plus per annum. Reportedly, on a recent list, Database Analysts & Web Designers were declared s earning some of the 20 best starting wages in the country. Even fresh graduates in these domains–with not much of a job experience–generate on an average more money, vis-à-vis their contemporaries from other fields.

Requirement for Overseas Manpower

As per the concerned Canadian organization, success in hiring & retaining trained professionals from abroad is rather crucial for the nation’s overall business wellbeing. Certainly, with a likely 106,000 unfilled IT jobs in the coming 4 years alone, overseas employees would perhaps become growingly vital for the industry’s sustained development.

Luckily for the IT experts, several wonderful avenues exist for them to land on the Canadian soils and fill the said job-openings. The employees in this domain have an enormous array of potential job opportunities even while Ottawa has taken steps to assist these priceless workers to shift to the nation comparatively swiftly & easily.

Canada PR: The IT Advantage

A plethora of attractive and easy-to-follow immigration schemes are wide open to the IT experts. Two accepted immigration classes–namely, the FSW & the QSW–have covered some IT domains on their lists of suitable vocations/regions of training. While the former is presently up for grabs for the computer engineers, the latter gives points for a broad range of computer-associated vocations. And, the same cover computer support, & computer engineering, etc.

Further, the nation has lately opened an exhilarating new scheme duly tailored to draw promising immigrant capitalists/industrialists. The scheme meant for the Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa offers the successful candidates PR status, besides secure resources & support to establish their company in the Maple Leaf Country. The scheme has been well publicized in many places, like the US Silicon Valley even as Ottawa has also reportedly promoted the same as an uncomplicated option for those soon-to-be aliens who are not too happy with the complicated immigration procedures in other nations, and are keen to stay and start their company.

Provisional Work: Help Required Throughout the Maple Leaf Country

In the background of an economy eagerly looking for skilled IT experts, IT employees, eager to get employed in Canada, do not essentially require to cool their heels to gain PR status in the country. More than 250,000 overseas workers are presently working throughout the nation busy with a range of domains. With a view to arrive in the country, as a temporary employee, the applicant should have an offer of job in the country. He must also be armed with a Temporary Work Visa.

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