Why Canada is best place to expand business!

There is no dearth of enterprising businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their businesses, and set-up companies abroad. Certain countries–like the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada–draw them, thanks to the amazing business infrastructure and pro-business environment offered by the respective administrations of these immigration hotspots.

Though all these countries are good for business purposes, and the establishment of a firm on their soils, when it comes to perfect business destination, from the perspective of the interest of an overseas entrepreneur, Canada is, perhaps, unbeatable.

This takes us to the title. Well, the nation has several plus points and is the best place to build-up business even as these are the key ones:

Robust economic growth: According to the famous Forbes magazine, the nation as the best place in the G-20, for business purposes. It also boasts of the strongest financial status in the G-7 & has the best financial future in the G-20.

Superiority in research, innovation: The Maple Leaf Country offers a healthy atmosphere for research & innovation, and this covers topmost research and development (R & D) facilities, scientific talent, besides innovation inducements. Combined federal & provincial credits may return to foreign investors, on average, as much as 30% of their R & D investment made in the nation.

Low taxes, low business expenses: The nation gives a low-cost and low-tax atmosphere to enable one’s business to flourish. Further, its overall tax rate on new business investment is drastically lower, vis-à-vis that of other G-7 nations.

Best quality of life: Its top quality of life provides an amazing environment for the growth of people, families, and internationally engaged firms. As per the World Bank (WB), during 2011, the nationals of Canada enjoyed the best standard of living throughout the G-20. The country is also boasts of very flexible, well educated, & multicultural workers.

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