Canada Federal Investors Category: A Passing Look

Among the many visa classes for Canada immigration, Canada Federal Investors Category has an edge and it enjoys widespread acceptance. This famous and widely preferred scheme is passive by nature even as it requires, on the part of the candidates, to make an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars, besides possess a personal net worth of 1.6 Million Canadian Dollars, along with two years of appropriate supervision or business background.

The investment is interest free & it should be duly maintained for a period of 5 years. The aspirants ought to also affirm a desire to stay anywhere throughout the Maple Leaf Country, excluding Quebec. While the investment is 100% guaranteed by the administration, the proceeds are assigned to the Canadian provinces, except

The intent is to allegedly draw business expertise & investment to the nation. A skilled candidate is a person who has characteristically possessed, and/or run an active trade or company, and it can include professional practices, instead of just supervising investment activities.

Investor category (federal) submissions: processing times

At the present–thanks to the strike by the concerned Foreign Service authorities union–the aspirants, filing petitions for a permit, ought to be well prepared for delays and present their petitions online well in advance, to minimize the damages.

Besides–since the electronic submissions offer the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) comparatively more flexibility in shifting case processing to the bureaus with the capability to handle them–the candidates would do well to use this facility.

The positive report is that emergency plans are already in place to make certain that all bureaus stay open, and offer not less than a bare minimum level of service to not only the Canada Federal Investors Class applicants but also the aspirants for other categories.

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