Changes to Nova Scotia Canada Immigration Laws for Foreign Skilled Workers

Authorities of several states of Canada have started revitalizing skilled migration channels. These routes form a vital and critical supply line of gaping and plugging the holes in the availability of trained and qualified expertise in the domestic labor pools.

Nova Scotia

Some sweeping changes have been incorporated w.e.f. September 10 2013, in the state centric Canada Immigration laws that fuel the skills migration routes of the state. As per the new introductions some employer may be given a waiver under registration and License laws. The modifications in statutes were bought into effect through General Regulations Respecting Labor Standards amendments and these alterations will influence process and procedure of recruiting overseas expertise and labor.

The revised laws grants waivers to some third party recruitment agencies and employment giving concerns that are interested in offering jobs to overseas personnel. The objective of the revised statutes is to infuse a protection mechanism for protection of the foreign workers rather than bringing all the employers within the purview of the recruitment approval laws.

The modifications instituted in the prevalent laws will offer freedom from obligation of filing for and obtaining a permit to certain categories of employment giving concerns. These include

  • Employment giving concerns seeking overseas expertise in trades listed in some classifications of professions in structure of required skills tabulation NOC
    • Management – NOC O i.e. management professionals including
      • Senior managers
      • Managers in health services
      • Corporate sales managers
      • Managers in HRD
      • Construction
      • ICT
      • Finance
      • Retail
      • Legislators
    • Professional – NOC A Professional occupations i.e.
      • Accountants
      • Lawyers
      • Professors
      • Teachers
      • Librarians
      • Dentists
      • Translators
      • Psychologists
      • Engineers
      • Scientists
      • Mathematicians
  • State government approved varsities, agencies and municipal bodies including
    • State Government Reporting agencies (like crown corporations,
    • The Nova Scotia Community College/school boards, government departments)
    • Universities.
    • Municipalities bodies and committees

These agencies will not need to gain access to overseas recruitment and Foreign Skilled Workers through a licensed recruitment agency anymore, provided the recruitment agency is also given a waiver under the new licensing laws

Remember the state sponsorship initiative or PNP as it is called requires skilled, semi skilled and low skilled personnel to obtain permanent employment offer from the state based employment giving agency. Gaining job offers as per the pre requisites of the state based migration schemes opens the way for the permanent residential permit through PNP and recent Changes to Nova Scotia Canada Immigration Laws for Foreign Skilled Workers indicate at a favorable swing in favor skilled immigrants.

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