All Physiotherapists Apply For Canadian Permanent Residency TODAY!

Are you a trained physiotherapist, and wish to work abroad? If YES, you would surely not mind thinking about Canada immigration. The Maple Leaf Country as the nation is also known as is a great foreign destination for qualified professionals like you even as it offers attractive wages and its prized permanent residency status. YES, the job outlook for your profession in the country is very positive.

For those not tuned in, physiotherapists find mention on the list of 29 qualified vocations through the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Scheme. As per the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), between May 4, 2013 and April 30, 2014, an upper limit of 5,000 Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) submissions will be entertained for processing purposes.

These professionals appraise the patients and plan & perform individually tailored treatment programs to duly continue, perk-up or bring back physical functioning, lessen pain, and also stop physical dysfunction in patients. These professionals are hired by hospitals, clinics, industry, sports organizations, rehabilitation facilities and extended care facilities. Physiotherapists can also work on a private basis, independently.

Why employment prospects for Physiotherapists are incomparable in the Maple Leaf Country!

Growingly, several Physiotherapists are shifting towards specialization or the development of advanced proficiency in one specific region of the occupation. These professionals can develop expertise in areas, like seniors’ health, sports physiotherapy, orthopedics, besides women’s health, even while there is an increasing requirement for these experts with specialized know-how throughout the nation.

So, all qualified foreign physiotherapists, apply for Permanent Resident Canada TODAY! With the number of available permits shrinking rapidly any further delays on your part could prove quite expensive. You would surely not want such a thing to happen. Don’t you!

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