Flood of Job-Hunting Foreign Doctors Invites Debate in Australia

A raging debate has allegedly erupted in Australia over whether the nation has more than the required numbers of doctors in the country at a time when more general practioners from abroad are allegedly searching for jobs in the nation.

As per a fresh report from a concerned research organization, there has been an invasion of physicians from out-of-the-country since 2006 leading to an excess of doctors across the country. The said report favors restricting the figure of the physicians, and says that the employment of global medical graduates ought to be curbed.

According to the report, the federal & state administrations base their policies for the GP labor force on the postulation that there is a deficiency of the GPs across the country–mostly throughout the non-metropolitan regions. It alleges that the basis of the said hypothesis is an approach which dates from the mid-2000s when there actually was a dearth of the GPs in several of the given regions.

The study also discovered that the figure of the physicians, being offered sponsorship on the 457 permits, is heading north even as it stood at 2,633 during the fiscal year of 2011-2012, together with a remarkable swell in the figure of permanent work comparable GPs billing on the Medicare ever since the mid-2000s.

The report further says that the staffing of additional international medical graduates from abroad–on limited registration to the hospital doctor & the GP vacancies–ought to come to an end. It continues that the level of the GP services in both metropolitan & non-metropolitan is over and above that considered by the medical workers officials before to be sufficient.

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