Australian Immigration Minister to Visit China!

Chris Evans, the Immigration Minister for Australia would be leading a delegation to China to encourage more students from China to enroll in educational institutions in Australia. This visit is a result of all the major universities in Australia struggling to get applicants from overseas. Most of the universities are undergoing tough times with the declining rate of visa applications by the students.

Of all the total number of international students studying in Australian universities, the Chinese students cater to over a quarter of these international students. These people tend to contribute billions to the economy of Australia.

The Minister would speak on many issues which seem to be the key factors that are withholding the students from China to apply for visas to Australia. With this, he would also speak on the increased competitor activity, the recent amends brought about to the qualifying criteria for immigration as well as the Australian dollar.

While commenting on this trip, Minister Evan also indicated a bit on reforms pertaining to the immigration policy of the nation. According to the Senator, the effect of the dollar strength could be easily felt all throughout the markets. At the same time, when the international education sector going through certain challenges, reforms cannot be stopped at all.

Mr. Evans would be China in the first week of November. He would be joined by many senior representatives from some of the major universities in Australia. He also said that he is keen to personally address the fact his nation welcomes international students and that the nations continues to be the world leader when it comes to education.

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