Scope of Cooks!


Where there is good food, there are cooks! And where there are cooks, there would be occupations too! True that countries including India offer some of the best employment opportunities to cooks in the industry, but what about the salary factor? Why not consider going for those countries which allow you to do the same work but gives a double or say triple salary for that? To add more feathers in the cap, who does not want to work in some of the best working conditions around?

Salaries of Cooks in Canada:

Different hotels, motels, restaurants offer various pay scales to their cooks. But one thing is for sure, the same would be much better than what you may be getting in your home country! Additionally, don’t forget the state-of-art facilities which Canada offers, considering the kind of economy it is boosting up at present.

Employment options:

Restaurants, hotels (all stars), culinary schools, cafes, catering business, business halls, business which cater to organizing parties, various institutions (government and private), offices, the list is endless. There is no place left where cooks are not in demand. You name it, and a cook is required there. Canada is no exception too!

There are many categories which come under the section of Cooks too. Some of these are apprentice cook, dietary cook, grill cook, Sous-cooks, institutional cook

With more and more food fanatics growing in every moment, the demand for cooks (not only in Canada, but in other nations too) would only rise!

Culinary Courses:

In order to make it big in a country like Canada, an applicant needs to have the mandatory required qualification required for the profession of cook. Along with this, one needs to have the desired experience in the relevant field too. Some of the cookery courses are: Cooking Course, Courses specializing in bakery products, sizzlers, starters, gourmet, food hygiene, cooking science, barbeque cooking, the list is endless.

Qualifying Criteria

  • It is essential for the applicant intending to immigrate to Canada as a cook to have a minimum of a Bachelors degree or diploma in Hotel management or trade or diploma certification in cooking.
  • Or he or she must have attended some program in cooking.
  • It is essential to have a minimum experience of at least one year as a cook or related field.
  • As far as the overall aspects are concerned, the applicant must have experience of around 2-4 years. It also depends on other facets as to what is the actual number of years of experience which is required to apply under this occupation. Some of these aspects are marriage and his English language skills.
  • Contact [email protected] for more info on the same.

Feathers in Cap

Apart from providing excellent employment opportunities, the country in itself is bliss to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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