Figure Out Most Suitable Australian Migration Visa Class for Hassle-free & Speedy Overseas Movement!

Australian Migration Visa

In order to help quench the need of the overseas immigration motivated aspirants, the Australian migration visa has emerged as an excellent solution. Australian migration visa can help you move to the destination, and at the same time, claim the prized Permanent Residency (PR) there in, in the long run.

All you need to do is just to find out the ways with which the migration can take place. It is a fact that migration is tough when you are not aware of the varied intricacies based on which the migration will take place.

Australian Migration Visa
Australian Migration Visa

With the economy of the Kangaroo Land developing at a faster pace, it is really of a great importance that different sectors in the nation are able to meet with the required demand of skilled labor.

In this piece, you will come to know about the different visas which have been governing the immigration to the nation. You will also learn about the different requirements involved.

Investor Visa to Australia

Considered as the fastest way to move to Oz, it can help you move instantly to the hotspot; of course, if you have the necessary funds to make a difference to the already thriving Australian economy.

Those who have got the Investor Provisional Sub-class 162 can submit an application for this much sought after visa. It is imperative that you have lived in the country for a period of two years, in order to get upgraded to the Permanent Investor Visa.

The Sub-class 162 Visa serves as an evident of proof based on which the future procedures are streamlined. The applicant has to invest a sum of 1, 50,000 Australian Dollars. But apart from investing the required amount, it is vital that you have been showing the urge to innovate with your investment and bring social and economic benefit for the economy of Oz.

Spouse Visa to Australia

With the Sub-class 820 and 801, you can move to Oz but the better-half of you should be an Australian citizen in order to claim this visa.

The visa deals with temporary residency, and once you have been verified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) you will be given the visa.

In order to claim the Spouse Visa, it is crucial that you are either 18 or above in age. Under specific terms, it has also been specified that even if you break the relationship after getting the visa, you will still enjoy the Permanent Residency (PR). In case the partner, who has been sponsoring you, is under 18 years of age, you cannot claim the immigration under the category.

Interestingly, there have been several cases of some over imaginative aspirants misusing the category to claim residency in the country. The Australian Government and the DIBP and its concerned arms are aware of this and they closely monitor such cases even as those found guilty are extradited and their visa cancelled.

Skilled Visa to Australia

Skilled Visas are the best way to move to the Kangaroo Land. If you have the skills wanted in the country, you are welcome to call Oz your home. In the first stage of the application, the DIBP will duly evaluate your efficiency based on the skills you carry. After you have successfully completed the first process by taking up the test, you will have to submit the Expression of Interest (EoI).

Once the DIBP has been convinced with your application, they will give you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) under which the further procedures will be based. On an average, you will have to stay in Down Under for five years, and after that consideration will be given whether to give the PR or not.

Australian Migration Visa will be easier with a good immigration agent always there to help you out. So find one and move to the developed global economy, for a better life and more successful career. Your time starts now!

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