Check Australian Immigration Official Websites! Stay Updated & Ahead!

Australian immigration official websites

So your dream is to move to Australia and live a better and more successful life! Well, but do you have the appropriate and the latest information on Australia immigration? If you do not have then you would do well to check the Australian immigration official websites. You can check other similar sites also provided they are run and managed by trusted names in the business.

Australian immigration official websites
Australian immigration official websites

On the different Australian immigration official websites run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), and other concerned organizations, you will find highly useful and relevant information related to the different kinds of visas up-for-grabs.

You will also get to know when to apply under a particular visa class, how to submit an application, what documents to attach with an application, what are the latest changes in the visa policy of the government, etc. Getting updates on these and other related issues is crucial to make the cut and steal a march over others in the race.

Australia General Skilled Migration (GSM)

For instance, if you are a skilled worker, you will get to know that under the GSM to Australia category, you can move to the hotspot with a Skilled Worker Visa and grab Permanent Residency (PR) therein.

You will also learn that the GSM is an extensively used method to shift to the Kangaroo Land.

The same enables candidates to obtain a Work Visa on the grounds of:

  1. An employment offer (sponsorship) from a local recruiter of Oz.
  2. A specific Australian state or territory keen to offer nomination to a person.
  3. A family member being capable to act as the sponsor of the alien.
  4. An individual who has enrolled for a study course in Oz and now wants to offer his professional services there in.
  5. The candidate has enough points to make an independent petition, namely, minus nomination, sponsorship or applicable studies.

On the different Australian Immigration Official Websites, you will also come to know about the basic requirements for applying for the GSM to the Kangaroo Land.

You will find out that to move under the GSM:

You must be in a position to nominate a line-of-work that is given on a skilled occupation list (SOL).

You must be in a position to get a helpful assessment for skills in their nominated profession.

You must be from 18 to 50 years old.

You must have a recognized English language test.

You must have one or more appropriate qualifications, post not less than two years of study in the Kangaroo Land. It’s only applicable to some particular visas.

In some specific situations, it will be essential to make an Expression of Interest (EoI) petition through SkillSelect, and get an Invitation to Apply (EoI) for a visa prior to you can submit your GSM petition.

Australia Business and Investment Visas Category

Similarly, if you are keen to move under the Australia Business and Investment Visas Class, you will get all the germane information on the various Australian immigration official websites.

You will come to know that The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subcategory 188) substituted most other business and investment visas run by the DIBP way back during 2012. You will get to know that the particular visa is divided into 4 categories, every one of them catering to a different category of businessperson or investor, each of which can result in legal permanent residence in the country under the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa (subcategory 888).

You will get to know that the candidates can usually submit an application for legal permanent residence, post spending 1 year in the country. You will also find out that it is mandatory for the aspirants for the visa to present an EoI, via the SkillSelect arrangement, prior to being sent an invite.

Hence, if it is Oz that inspires you the most, and you want to move to it, under a visa class that suits you the most, check the Australian immigration official websites! Stay updated and ahead!

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