Unearth Some Popular Immigration Options & Apply for Australian Visa from India!

Australian Visa from India

Apply for Australian Visa from India. The process has been simplified with ImmiAccount taking a step further and introducing e-visas. With the e-visas, you can easily apply for Australian Visa from India and move without any hassle at all.

The penchant for the Kangaroo Land never seems to wane with time, rather, it flares. The current situation with India has been such that most of the would-be migrants have been finding Oz as the best place where they can land and build up their career with flamboyance. These two countries are also forging a better diplomatic tie up with quick visa processing and plans have also been going to include the visa-on-arrival model in the immigration.

Australian Visa from India
Australian Visa from India

How to proceed for the application?

The process is very simple. For the Indian aspirants, they will have to create an account in the ImmiAccount. For the applicants who are not having the ImmiAccount, they can go ahead with an account creation. At the time of applying online, it is recommended for the candidates to not copy and paste the bullet points, numbering and formatted texts as this can disqualify the application. In order to track the details, you will have to rely on your ImmiAccount. The ImmiAccount will help you find out the status of the request you have put forward. The ETA or the Electronic Travel Authority is a specific visa under this category even as it can be easily processed without any hassle at all.

But if you wish to go ahead with different visas, in that case, few of them have been discussed below.

Take a quick look at them!

Visas for Indians–Some Popular Options

Australia Investor Visa

Indians have been known for their richness and with the popular Investor Visa they can right away not just move to the destination but also get the permanent resident (PR) status. Most of the applicants are naturalized in the process upon the completion of the term. The Investor Visa has been further categorized into different streams with the investment bracket ranging in between 1.5 million Australian Dollars to 15 million Australian Dollars. If you have a huge wallet and innovative plan with which you can take the Australian economy forward, it is simpler and easier to go ahead with the Investor Visa.

Australia Spouse Visa

It could be given to those Indians who have visited the overseas hotspot on a Tourist Visa and have fallen in love with an Australian. In such a case, the spouse/partner can sponsor the immigrant from India to move to Oz. In such a case, you can apply for Australian Visa from India and move immediately to the highly loved destination.

Speak to an expert immigration consultant if you need any sort of guidance and/or help on the subject.

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