Australian Needs to Address Labor Shortages!

Australia is one of those places which were not hit by the recent global recession to the extreme extent as others have been affected. As a matter of fact and quite appreciably, the nation’s unemployment rate remained between 4-5.8 percent over the past 2 years. The Australian economy is going great guns and it requires lots of skilled workers in order to meet the labor requirements of various industries.

For instance, the nation’s housing and mining industries soon will be in a great need to skilled workers. The industries are much worried about the probable skill shortages that they might face in the coming days. As per the reports of the Housing Industry Association, in the quarter 2 of this year, more than ten housing trades were facing labor shortages. According to the association, Australia would boast about 470,000 new homes in the coming 10 years, and the projects would definitely require a good number of skilled workers. And when it comes to skilled workers, the nation is going to rely on international skills.

Similarly, the nation’s mining industry is anticipating skill shortages as it is going to see growth in coming days. It is expected that the investment in the mining sector of Australia would hike by 50 percent. When investment increases, it is just clear that projects will also be increased, which will results in labor requirements. And mining industry is one of those sectors in Australia that rely highly on international skills.

Australia has currently been experiencing skills shortages since last year. In the year ending in June, 2010, the nation saw a decline of 31 percent of permanent and long-term immigration into the land of Kangaroos. Australia will need to address the widespread labor shortages. It is better to address this issue before the demand for skilled workers increases!

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