New Zealand Intending to Bring Issue Interim Visas to Foreigners!

New Zealand is planning to come out with interim visas for overseas applicants after the expiration of their residential permits. This will be done to make sure that they can stay in the nation till the times their applications are looked out for fresh permits. According to the recent rules, the status of the overseas applicants is lost on an automatic basis, when they face expiration of their residential or work permit.

The new visa would come into implemented as a part of the New Immigration Act. Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman has confirmed that the rule would come into effect from November 2010.

This move would provide a great respite for all those foreign nationals who are working in the land of Kiwis as they will have the freedom to work on a temporary basis, even when their permits have expired.

The interim visas would allow them to continue with their day to day activities, while their applications to get fresh visas in under process. Further, their employment and source of income would not be lost also.

The new sponsorship program which gives freedom to government department to provide sponsorship to immigrants under Talent and Visitor policies, directly points in the direction of the sponsorship needs of stakeholders.

The interim visas are a boom for people who face expiration of their residential permits but have to face all kinds of hassles.

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