Australian PM Issues Apology to Migrant Victims!

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd expressed “sorry” in front of the whole nation. Almost 70 years back, up to 10,000 British children were shipped to Canada and Australia to enhance the “white stock” in Australia.

According to the British parliamentary report, the step was intended to “maintain the racial unity of the empire.” Some of them were taken from their premises without informing their parents and were promised a better future ahead.

The worst thing is that they were forced to work in some bad conditions after reaching their new home. Above all, some children were told that their parents are dead. The Child Migrant Programme was intended to offer a better future to disadvantaged children, but a majority of them were forced under labor.

Mr. Rudd apologized for this “ugly” deed by the country in the 1940s. He said that the country is extremely sorry for the emotional and physical sufferings that were embedded on those poor and innocent children that time. Tears came out flowing from his eyes, while he was uttering those words of apology.

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