H-1B Petitions Accepted without DOL Approval!

With the current economic downturn, the petitions for the H-1B visa have been on a constant decline. The recent news reveals almost 10,000 visas still available to be applied for. However, if the latest sources are to be believed, the US employers need not get an approval from the Department of Labor (DOL) in order to hire a foreign professional.

The USCIS is now open to accept petitions if filed within the period of days after the LCA have been filed by the employer with the DOL. With this, the application process would simply speed up making it faster to obtain a visa. However, these LCAs would be under the microscope and would be assessed more carefully than ever.

These initiatives have been taken keeping the unemployment rate in the US which is currently high compared to the earlier years. With this, the PERM Audits are expected to rise. The DOL has revealed that the backlog Elimination Centers (BECs) are now closing down. Both – targeted as well as the random PERM audits would be looked into simultaneously.

To know about the latest in this regard, it is best to contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant dealing with H-1B visas. He would be able to guide you appropriately on the same.

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