Australian Prime Minister Defends Immigration Plan!

The Australian government has been criticized for its plans to build a new immigration detention centre in Adelaide. To this, the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit back.

The Prime Minister had visited the South Australia previous this month. This visit took place a day before it was announced for the new detention centre in Adelaide. As per the politicians opposing this development, Ms. Gillard must have at least informed the residents about this immigration centre in person.

However, as per the Prime Minister, this decision of building this detention centre amidst the suburbs was not taken in her presence. As per her, this announcement was brought about the same day that the decision was taken. She said that it was decided by the Cabinet and then announced soon after. This is obvious which is in sync with the proper system of cabinet government.

She also refused to the demands of reintroducing the temporary protection visa which are meant for the asylum seekers in Australia. However, similar visas known as the temporary protection visas have been brought about by the Canadian government. These visas are valid for a period of five years. This has been brought in order to deal with the constant inflow of asylum seekers into the nation.

According to Tony Abbott, the Leader of Opposition, in Australia itself about 5500 asylum seekers have entered by boat within this year. He feels that such visas should be brought again here also.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister Gillard has also informed that Immigration authorities from Canada have consulted their government regarding the change. She also said that the Leader of Opposition went through this change accurately, he would notice that there have been a different set of measures which have been taken up by the Canadian government.

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