Expenditures by US Immigration Enforcement under Investigation!

Investigations are being conducted on a US immigration enforcement program. This investigation came about after expenses in hundreds of thousands of dollars could not be verified. As per the reports, $11.2 million were given to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2009 and 2010. This amount was given for the 287 (g) program which would permit the local law enforcement officials to implement federal immigration laws.

The expenditures could not be confirmed when the inspectors were looking into the accounts. This caters to an expenditure of $455,649 on the travel and transportation of commodities which is being investigated by the internal watchdog under the Homeland Security Department.

This money was supposed to be spent by the federal officers on visiting local agencies to cater to abidance of standards maintained by the program while implementing the laws pertaining to illegal migration and US visas. On an average, the expense for each person comes out to be $6,329. Although, as per the costs calculated by the investigators, per person has been catered to about $2300.

On the other hand, this program has been criticized even in the past. The previous two reports brought out by the Inspector General’s office mentioned harsh assessment of the program. At the same time, many immigration advocates have said that this program has brought about racial profiling by many officials in the local regions. This is because they have been given the authority to arrest anyone who they suspect of being an undocumented migrant or not having a US visa.

As per the supporters, this program caters the officials from the immigration department with more resources. The cost for this program has increased to $68.3 million for the fiscal year of 2011 from the initial $5 million in 2006.

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