Demand Decreases for H1B Visa!

The status of U.S. as a “Mecca” for overseas applicants to come and immigrate is soon losing its shine. And the concern is growing with the passage of each moment.

Reports and statistics also say that a majority of foreign officials working in Australia are returning back to their home countries, considering the strict U.S. immigration rules, with many of them holding H1B visas. Their views are to return back to their home countries rather than subjecting themselves to tough immigration regulations of the country. These are even true for those people who have completed their education ate various U.S. universities.

Corporate forms in U.S. believe that it is a shame for them that these people get their training here, learn about the working culture here but the situations make it extremely difficult to work here. Even companies have been forcing the higher authorities to hike the annual quota for people who come to get employment under the H1B visas.

The waiting period to get H1B visas is applauded as three to five months but the time period stretches longer, making this tedious a tedious period for the applicants. These facts say that U.S. may lower down its image as far as its image as a prospective immigration destination is concerned. Or may be the rules are making it discoursing for the applicants to apply under the H1B visa scheme.

Some of the universities are even shut out from the job markets of the country. Graduates from those educational institutions are finding it difficult to get jobs in the U.S.

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