Asylum Seekers Faced Checks at Christmas Island!

According to reports, another boat decked with asylum seekers has been intercepted off Christmas Island recently. It was carrying 62 people and has another feather in the cap as far as the quantity of more and more number of asylum seekers coming in Australia is concerned.

Scott Morrision from Opposition stated that there has been an exceptional amount of arrivals which has happened this year. He has also confirmed that the arrival of this current boat has lead to a new record for undocumented boat people who come through boats in the land of Kangaroos in any given annum.

The year 2010 has seen the arrival of 5523 people till now, all of them coming in 110 boats, which is a record in itself.

Reports say that Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has been involved into various collaborative talks with officials of Indonesia and East Timor and soon there are intentions to bring on a regional processing centre in East Timor. The problem of more and more asylum seekers is likely to solve with the implementation of these plans.

Mr. Bowen has also confirmed that Indonesia is favoring the plans but till now no official deal has been signed as yet. The intentions of the Federal Government are to come out with a regional centre as soon as possible in an attempt to accommodate two thousand asylum seekers.

There is an urgent need to deal with all these asylum seekers who come through sea route. It is a regional problem.

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