US Presidential Advisor Held Talks With Indian PM!

Last week, the economic advisor of the American President Barack Obama, who is also the director of the US National Economic Council held talks with the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh when they discussed a number of issues, especially about the hike in US visa prices and how it’s going to effect the Indian economy.

The presidential advisor Lawrence Summers met the Indian head on October 18. The advisor put forward US’ concerns like upswing in the US visa fee, especially in the US H-1B and US L-1 visa categories. As far as higher fees of these categories are concerned, the prime concern is that overseas IT enterprises that want to shift their staff to the United States would have adverse effect on the IT industry of India.

Lawrence Summers assured that the United States and India would continue to share a powerful business relationship, irrespective of the price hike in various US visa categories which in a way deter people from immigrating to the United States. The US representative also hinted some other issues that are likely to take centre stage during the forthcoming visit of the US President to India. The US Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer was one of the many delegates present in the meeting.

US President Barack Obama is expected to visit India next month. On his first ever visit to India, which is likely to span from November 5th to November 8th, 2010, the US head will have talks on a number of matters.

We can just hope US and India stick on to an amiable tie that both have been sharing for decades. It can be expected issues between these two countries end during the upcoming visit of the US president to India!

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