Hints on Relaxing UK Immigration Cap by British PM!

The recent immigration cap set by the UK government has brought about a lot of criticism from many UK based businesses and others alike. The latest in this regard is that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister has hinted on a more relaxed immigration cap for the nation.

In London, at the CBI Conference, the Prime Minister mentioned the same while he addressed the business leaders. He stated that the immigration limit would not pose a barrier to stop from importing foreign talent by UK businesses from other nations. He said that the government would not block the best talent and skilled migrants from around the world to come to UK while controlling its borders and managing immigration.

This statement has been analyzed by news sources as a way of suggesting that the immigration cap which would be introduced permanently in April next year would not be as tough and restrictive as it seems to be. More so, comparatively it might be less stringent than what the current interim cap on the UK visas is.

However, a spokesman from the government emphasized that this statement does not mean that the cap is being thought over again. He stressed that the conditions on the cap to be implemented are in still in the process of being finalized.

He also said that the situation as of now is there is a temporary limit which has been implemented. This cap would be on the run till the coming spring. As of now, consultations are still on for the coming years regarding this cap. At the same time, the level of this limit would obviously be considered and the way it would function. This is to ensure that this cap would operate in a way that would permit the businesses to import highly skilled migrants from other nations who are required in the nation.

Right from the time this cap was announced, it has been opposed by many from the British businesses, education leaders and from the government itself.

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