Australian Universities Losing International Rankings!

The educational institutions and applauding universities of Australia have hammered the federal government for their feebleness for not handling the problems rose by the amendments in current student visa rules.

Also, according to recent reports, it has been proved that the Australian Universities are losing their ground as far as global rankings are concerned. Hence, the universities have warned the government to make sure that the rankings don’t go further down in future.

Coming to another study, it has been proved that Australia Immigration is decked with the highest proportion of overseas applicants who come here to study in tertiary education from all over the globe. And if the recent amendments in the visa rules are causing the decline in the number of these students, that means the educational institutions would have to suffer a lot in the coming times. Besides, it would be necessary to raise the standards as well.

A majority of universities back in the fee revenue they get from the overseas applicants. With this news coming in action, these universities would struggle hard in maintaining their existence in the coming times.

Already, the book of education industry has been badly hit, especially after the resent racial attacks struck in its pages. The quantity of Indian students intending to immigrate and study to Australia has already dropped by a huge margin.

These aspects are harming the Australian economy in a major way.

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