UK ‘People Smuggler’ Not Granted NZ Visa!

Immigration Minister New Zealand has refused the visa application for a UK “People Smuggler” as he has been speculated to have connection with “people-smuggling” activities.

The man in concern is a 29 year old Englishman who ardently lied to the officers of the Immigration authorities on the reasons as to why he was denied the permission to enter in the United States in the year 2004.

Later, he confirmed that he gave his passport to an undocumented Sri Lankan applicant who wanted to go to the US. The same was given to him in exchange of $500. When the Immigration authorities of New Zealand came to know about his involvement in people smuggling, his visa application for being a Kiwi Resident was immediately denied.

But the man is in limbo now. His clan lives in New Zealand. Now, what would happen to his Kiwi wife and child, in addition to two stepchildren, who are in their teenage? His mother and a sibling also reside in the New Zealand.

The Residence Review Board acknowledged the fact that sending the man back to his home country would tear apart his family. Therefore, the final decision was in the hands of Immigration minister who denied his visa application at last.

But the incident in which he has been involved is at large scale. People smuggling is considered as a huge crime and violation of human rights. People intending to immigrate to another country should always take guidance from an expert Immigration consultant ( to avoid visa scams.

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